Special care is needed for a pregnant mother carrying more than one baby. If you’ve recently found out that you are pregnant with twins you must consult a specialist for your course of action through your pregnancy.


Nutrition is an essential component for proper growth and development for your babies. You should gain about 18-22 kg during your pregnancy, of which about 9 kg should be in the first 20 weeks. You need to pack in a high calorie diet to assure optimal growth and development for your babies. As with any pregnancy a prenatal vitamin with folic acid should be taken daily. It may be difficult to consume enough calories if you are experiencing increased morning sickness. Try eating several small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. Make healthy food selections and consult with your healthcare provider if you are having difficulty with meal planning or nausea is keeping you from eating properly.

Tests and Prenatal Visits

For a twin pregnancy, prenatal visits need to be scheduled more frequently than for a singleton pregnancy. You should be alert for signs of preterm labor and any signs of danger in pregnancy. You will most likely have several ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy to assess growth and development of your babies. In your last trimester, you will likely have testing such as a non-stress test (NST) or biophysical profile (BPP). These tests may be done as often as every 3-7 days or more until birth.

Rest and Exercise

You must rest frequently throughout the day. Lying on your left side provides optimal blood flow to your babies. Sitting with your legs and feet elevated may help with any swelling you might be having. Some doctors may even recommend bed rest at some point during your pregnancy.